Meister lights
made in Germany

Near-indestructible lighting equipment delivering the powerful radiance of innovative LED technologies – this is what customers value in Meister’s product portfolio. Our unique line-up is complemented by prompt support: for every article of our extensive product range, we maintain spare parts in stock without limitation and irrespective of age or value. At the same time, we guarantee perfect workmanship using top-grade materials, plus an optimised price-performance ratio.


Drawing on more than 60 years of experience and exclusively manufacturing our products in-house in Germany without any harmful substances, we offer you top quality and innovative technology in any of our products you choose.


Civic engagement has a long tradition at Meister. The company’s founder, incepted Ingenieur-Karl-Meister-Stiftung, a foundation that to this day continues to support the men and women who as firefighters risk their lives to save others (,58.html).